Montreal-based Solotech has been providing innovative AV solutions to a variety of different markets for 40 years, and the company boasts an impressive, if sometimes eclectic, client list that includes circuses, theatres, museums, corporate bodies, stadia, music arenas and the world’s top live musical artists. Hot on the heels of the announcement of the new Riverside Studios complex in London, UK, as the first customer for the innovative Ultrix-FR5, Ross is now pleased to announce Solotech as customer number two, even if the Canadian company has actually been road-testing the latest generation Ultrix for a little longer than publicly stated!

“We’ve now deployed our first three Ultrix-FR5s on many major tours, including the Eagles. These systems are hybrid 4K systems utilizing a 96×96 matrix, 6 MultiViewers, gearbox and MADI audio”, notes David Lemmink, Director of Engineering at Solotech. “No other product comes close to the functionality and flexibility of Ultrix”.

Christine Latour, Marketing Director at Solotech, agrees with the sentiment. “We had already worked with the existing 1RU and 2RU versions of Ultrix. Through that experience, we’ve come to appreciate the dedication of the Ross design team to deliver a compact, powerful and affordable package.  Because these are deployed in portable flypacks, size matters.  It’s really a disservice to just call Ultrix a router because the MultiViewer, audio and gearbox functions add so much to its functionality”.

Todd Riggs, Marketing Product Manager for infrastructure, is delighted that Ultrix is proving its worth on the road. “We call Ultrix ‘disruptive’ as a platform because it can conveniently replace up to five full racks of traditional equipment. In an OB or flypack environment, that means less cabling, less labour, quicker install times and, ultimately, demonstrable cost savings. Ultrix is like a versatile Swiss army knife and I’m really pleased that millions of music fans are enjoying their favourite artists night after night with Ultrix quietly performing in the background”. – Broadcast and CableSat Bureau