Digital cinema leader Barco is delivering the future of cinema today, powering immersive entertainment experiences from the lobby to the auditorium and beyond. Featuring the brightest RGB Flagship and smart laser projectors, immersive digital lobby experiences, a unique panoramic storytelling platform, and lifelike 3D sound, Barco raises the bar for memorable movie experiences. See them in action at CinemaCon, March 27-30 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Barco is rapidly fulfilling its promise to help exhibitors differentiate their cinema offering and attract entertainment seekers to the theater. Armed with breakthrough technologies that deliver unprecedented image and sound quality for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Barco is driving improvements in market performance, moviegoer satisfaction and attendance with captivating experiences.

“We are committed to delivering the cinema of the future today, powering the highest quality movie presentation possible with the best business case for premium screens,” comments Stijn Henderickx, Vice President Cinema for Barco. “At the same time, we offer an excellent value proposition for the all-laser multiplex, providing top-quality projection and sound solutions whose ease of use, sustainability and low operating costs make for a very attractive TCO.”

Barco Cinema solutions deliver positive impressions, many with top line benefits, at every touchpoint in the cinema experience:

Industry’s largest laser projector portfolio fuels the all-laser multiplex

Barco offers no less than 15 laser projectors, providing exhibitors with the perfect match for every screen. Barco’s Flagship Laser projector is the de-facto choice for Premium Large Format (PLF) screens, delivering an unprecedented moviegoing experience, thanks to its exceptional image quality, outstanding 2D & 3D brightness, high contrast, uniformity, and superior color performance.

Exhibitors are also quickly adopting Barco’s smart laser projectors, with more than 1,500 installations attesting to their superior operational efficiency and high image quality. These models offer the most cost-effective value proposition for exhibitors desiring to outfit their mainstream auditoriums, and provide a flexible, future-proof solution. With DP4K-BLP projectors, featuring native 4K and high-lumen light output, Barco’s laser solutions will now also outfit many large cinema screens across the globe.

Barco Lobby Experience alliance captivates customers and profits

Barco and Vision Media Management have created the One Network Alliance, becoming the industry’s only provider of lobby promotions to address the full range of studio/exhibitor needs including digital, digital+static, and static-only media assets. The Barco Lobby Experience and One Network Alliance digitally transform the lobby into an engaging, revenue-generating entertainment center, boosting concessions and advance ticket sales via interactive experiences and media takeovers of the entire lobby space.

Barco Escape astounds a new generation of moviegoers with innovative format

Barco Escape’s multi-screen, panoramic movie format delivers audiences an unparalleled viewing experience. With theaters in eight countries across four continents, Barco Escape is transforming how audiences experience movies at the cinema. The format generates higher ticket revenues (exhibitors saw 62 Percent greater revenue per theater for Star Trek Beyond in the Escape format compared to the average screening), showcases premium content, and can fill auditoriums with event programming during off-peak times. – Broadcast and CableSat Bureau