Point Source Audio (PSA) and AuviTran, an innovator in audio over IP network convergence, today announced their official partnership to distribute AuviTran products throughout North America. In this agreement, Point Source Audio—a manufacturer of miniature microphones and headsets—will tap its sales and support team to bring AuviTran solutions to its proaudio and broadcast customers navigating the fast-paced evolving world of audio over IP. 

The adoption of audio IP networking is surging, and with it comes many challenges for interoperability between old and new protocols including DANTE, Madi, CobraNet, Ethersound, AES, and the list goes on. James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio explains, “Many of our existing Point Source Audio customers are also dealing with networking challenges so it’s a powerful fit between our two companies to quickly deliver an economical and scalable solution that solves the rapid changes happening in IP audio networking.”

The AuviTran range includes modular hardware platforms, breakout boxes; and software control to build and manage networks running multiple audio protocols and formats such as DANTE, EtherSound, Cobranet, and MADI. According to Yves Ansade, founder and Managing Director of AuviTran and the company’s visionary developer, “The market is in urgent need of a solution that is easy to deploy and is sustainable; our product range can cost-effectively expand a DANTE network, as well as enable interoperability between multiple audio protocols in a single network.”

“We recognize Point Source Audio’s clear leadership in sales and service of the AV, live sound, and broadcast markets so they are an ideal partner to help customers navigate the various network audio protocols new and old," commented Ansade. “Our partnership with Point Source Audio will enable North American customers to rapidly expand their audio networks so projects can launch faster at less cost.”  

For interoperability, the AuviTran Audio Toolboxes are modular platforms designed to easily bring convergence among network technologies and audio interfaces. AuviTran Toolboxes are available in two 19” rack chassis':  the AVBx3 (1U) and AVBx7 (2U) with 3 or 7 slots respectively. The flexible structure supports building “as you go” so there is no need to oversize a network system and incur burdensome costs. The network configuration can be adapted at any time by adding from a selection of 14 different cards to the open slots—and include stacking up AuviTran ToolBoxes—to provide networking convergence between multiple audio protocols, or expand upon a single DANTE network. 

“I have known Yves for years as a colleague and a friend from his early days at Digigram where he initiated the Networked Audio Department and contributed, as an inventor, to the development of EtherSound,” said Lamb. “We are confident that by partnering with AuviTran, our resellers are now able to provide their customers access to a solution that eases the technical and financial challenges of network convergence.” – Broadcasting Cable