Viz Pilot offers media companies the optimal environment for template-based content creation and playlist delivery. The latest version of Viz Pilot 7 integrates with the new graphic hub 3 for centralized storage of Viz Pilot data, scenes, and images. Viz Pilot 7enables a template-based workflow for installations of all sizes and also includes an easy way for managing images and videos with metadata support.

Viz Pilot 7includes the new graphic hub 3 back-end data storage. This enables centralized storage of Viz Pilot data, scenes, and images to be used in playlists and for on-air without the need of Oracle database installation. The system offers easy setup of main and replication servers for redundancy and failover. Graphic hub 30 also prepares media companies for cloud-based storage by providing a cloud-ready back end.

Viz Pilot 7running with the graphic hub 3 data storage is perfect for new installations, expanding to new channels and creating new journalist workflows for media production. Since the system does not require an Oracle installation, it is easy and cost-effective to install and maintain. Viz Pilot 7 also supports Oracle-based databases.

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