Zeiss has now added not only three focal lengths to its Zeiss interlock family of industrial lenses, but also a new compact version: the four lightweight fixed focal lengths of the new Zeiss Interlock Compact series with a short M42x1mount - 2.8/21, 2/35, 2/50 and 2.4/85 - feature screws that allow exact locking of the aperture and focus. The aperture can optionally be continuously adjusted using the de-click mechanism, allowing precise exposure setting. Their low weight and robust metal design also make the lenses suitable for rough industrial usage. The M42x1 mount offers outstanding stability.

The large image circle permits the lenses to be also used on area scan cameras with full-frame sensors and on-line scan cameras with a sensor size of up to 43 mm. The 21 and 85 mm focal lengths display excellent contrast across the entire image field, and the 35 and 50 mm lenses show extremely low distortion.

New members have also been added to the Zeiss Interlock family of industrial lenses: Zeiss is expanding the series with three fixed focal lengths: 2.8/15, 2.8/18, and 2/135, optionally available with F, EF, or M42x1mounts. They excel through their outstanding image quality and the anti-reflective coating reduces flare to a minimum. The aperture can be set continuously in the F mount version. Their metal housing makes the lenses very robust. In the future, the three new fixed focal lengths will replace the Zeiss Distagon T 2.8/15, Zeiss Distagon T 3.5/18, and Zeiss Apo-Sonnar T 2/135 for industrial applications.

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