Yamaha has launched new TF Firmware V3.0. The system setup screen and the user setup screen have been consolidated to the setup screen. Initializing the NY64-D feature was included in the initialize all memory function in V2.50 or earlier. This feature has become an independent function from the V3.0 firmware.

The threshold link function of the multi-band comp effect keeps offsets between the low, mid, and high parameters. In addition, the makeup parameter has been removed to avoid a sudden change of volume. The input gain offset link action between stereo link channels keeps the offset value even if the input gain is set to maximum or minimum.

Specifications used in V3.00 have been changed to not load the settings of channel selection, fader bank selection, and sends on fader to the TF setting file in the new firmware. Improved volume curve in a muting of internal HA gain control at each 6dB point and the action of motor faders has also been added.

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