The total number of subscribers to the world's top 100 pay-TV services was up by 4.03 million in the fourth quarter of 2016, despite a decrease in the Americas. Out of the 100 pay-TV services in the Multiscreen Index, 61 reported net subscriber gains in the quarter, as compared to 67 in the year before. The APAC region rose by 2.36 million, with the top 10 services adding 1.80 million subscribers. EMEA saw subs up by 1.72 million, with Sky gaining 397,000 customers across Europe, including 170,000 in the UK and Ireland.

The biggest quarterly gain was for Canal+ Africa, which was up by 516,000, although Canal+ saw a decrease of 130,000 in mainland France. The largest loss was for AT&T U-verse, down 262,000, as the telco promoted its DirecTV satellite subsidiary, which added 235,000. While the subscriber numbers for some services in the Americas are flat or falling, the segment is still seeing growth in other regions, with cable and satellite remaining robust worldwide.