The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is planning to launch a new Doordarshan channel, Arun Prabha dedicated to the North-East region. The channel will become operational by August, 2017. The channel will focus on youth with contemporary entertainment and informative shows besides focusing on the diverse culture of the North-East. The North-East region has been the area of concern for the ministry in recent times. The ministry believes it is essential to develop content in local dialects and languages to reach out to diverse sections of society.

In line with this objective, the ministry had earlier decided to increase the subsidy to 90 percent for setting up community radio stations in the region. Even while auctioning the second batch of private FM Radio Phase-III frequencies, the ministry had kept a lower reserve price for North-East states and border areas. 13 private FM channels are operational in the region and another 48 channels in 18 cities will be up for auction in the coming days.