Dushyant Kohli, Head Growth, nexGTv

There was once a time when upcoming artists, be they musicians, dancers, or actors, had to rely on traditional media channels like radio and television to reach out to their target audiences. But with the advent of Internet and the ongoing digital revolution, the days when entertainment could only be offered or accessed through limited channels are long gone.

Today, by breaking through the barriers that had once inhibited their creativity, on-demand video platforms are fast emerging as the ideal medium for new-age artists to showcase their flair and talent to audiences far and wide.

India is emerging as one of the fastest-growing smartphone user base in the world. This has given the country's digital entertainment landscape a massive boost, and has allowed it to evolve rapidly in a bid to catch up with its global counterparts. Mobiles are fast becoming the primary screen for entertainment consumption in the country, as the increasingly digitally oriented consumer base migrates from televisions to smartphones for catching up on its preferred entertainment solutions.

With the number of mobile Internet users in India estimated to grow from the current 236 million to 314 million by the end of 2017, there are currently several players in the country's OTT video/mobile TV industry that are catering to the evolving entertainment sensibilities of the Indian consumer.

This is expected to further increase the consumption of OTT content; several reports indicate that 
videos - which currently comprise around 40 percent of the total mobile data traffic within the country - are expected to contribute almost 
π70 percent to the overall mobile data consumption in India by 2018.

This immense growth is driven by a shift away from the traditional appointment-based model to the anytime, anywhere accessibility enabled by mobile devices. The diversity and relevance of offerings available on OTT platforms also plays a vital role in bolstering the adoption of the digital medium as the primary channel of entertainment consumption.

Needless to say, the lure of a massive digital viewership is attracting promising talent to take the OTT route to recognition. With a ready viewer base constantly on the lookout for quality entertainment, OTT platforms help artists in reaching out to a large viewership and increase their popularity by uploading and sharing video-based content.

While OTT content platforms are introducing diversified innovations for viewers, they are also opening up diverse opportunities for content creators at the same time. Emerging artists get a chance to showcase their talent to audiences, which are not restricted by geographical boundaries.

Moreover, if the content on offer is high-quality, relatable, and shareable, there is a likelihood of viewers acting as evangelists and promoting the said content within their social circles. This trend not only increases an artist's chances of discovery, but also significantly enhances the visibility of his/her work. Major viewer traction for their video channels can help content developers in monetizing their creations through advertisements. Some platforms also offer monetary remuneration based on the number of views accumulated by every video.

Driven by its viewers' large appetite for varied and engaging content, the Indian digital entertainment market has been growing at an accelerated pace of late. Digital platforms giving talented individuals a chance to showcase their flair and earn at the same time serve as motivators to the upcoming wave of creative geniuses by knocking down the traditional barriers of cost, reach, and geography.

They provide artists with an extremely viable medium to unleash the vivid kaleidoscope of their imaginations and gain recognition, possibly winning millions of hearts across the country in the process. With such enablers of talent, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved, be it a viewer, a content creator, or the platform!