Neerav Shah, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Grass Valley

The broadcast industry is going through significant shifts in the way content is created, controlled, and delivered. Gone are the days of creating and delivering content via a single, static channel with little to no information about how or when that content is consumed. Viewers now expect their content to be available on any channel at any time. Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, provides solutions that empower customers to create, control, and connect content wherever, however, and whenever it is consumed.

Looking ahead, there are four main areas where we believe our customers face the most critical challenges – live production, news, content delivery, and networking. These are the areas around which we are focusing our activities and these are the topics of the conversations we are having with our customers every day. Our integrated solutions make it easier for customers to build successful businesses that meet the changing content needs of their respective clients.

Everyone knows that nothing compels a viewer like a live event, and expectations for the live viewing experience continue to rise. Our live production solutions apply a format-flexible approach to ensure that a customer's production is ready for anything. For example, our new LDX 86N camera gives broadcasters the advantage of selecting between native 4K or switching to native 3G/HD depending on the application. Similarly, our GV Korona K-Frame S-series switchers combine ultimate mid-range switcher performance, along with proven workflows and simplified control of complex productions with a smaller footprint. And our K2 Dyno offers advanced, variable-speed replay functionality across SD, HD, 3G, and 4K. All of Grass Valley's live production solutions are IP-ready and purpose-built to capture and replay the action in any way imaginable.

Broadcasters only get one chance to cover breaking news – content that viewers increasingly expect to receive in real time. And the long list of ways that people get news keeps growing from television and the web to mobile and social media. Designed for simplicity, efficiency, and speed, GV STRATUS is a full set of production tools in one application that helps users better manage entertainment, on-air operations, and news production media workflows.

The broadcast industry is becoming a collection of services designed to deliver the immediacy and convenience consumers demand, creating different viewer experiences across different platforms. Our content delivery options offer VOD content preparation that is fully integrated with automated linear playout, so customers can capitalize on those ad dollar opportunities. iTX On-Demand is our new VOD solution that helps broadcasters and content owners streamline VOD content creation so they can scale to meet demand, ensuring live sports/news and special events are on OTT platforms minutes after the event finishes.

Today's broadcast facility, truck, or live venue demands a smooth flow of signals, data, and commands throughout a workflow, and advances in IP networking are becoming more prevalent. GV Node, a fundamental building block of what we refer to as a Broadcast Data Center, provides deterministic, vertically accurate switching of video signals whether they originate as SDI or IP, such as SMPTE ST
2022-6. IP networks are on the rise, while UHD and 4K signals are increasingly becoming part of the modern production environment. Our integrated network solutions provide powerful, reliable distribution of signals under all circumstances.

We are excited about the opportunities for helping our customers find the solutions that are right for them today while ensuring they are prepared for the future. Customers are simultaneously broadcasting through traditional channels, while creating and distributing alternate versions for OTT platforms and VOD along with reformatting for tablets, PCs, and mobile.

The common thread that connects this story together is content. Content is what determines the course of video consumption. Content is what drives our business and it is what we must continue to improve upon in the coming year.