MN Vyas, Executive Director, Planetcast Media Services Limited (Formerly Essel Shyam Communication Limited)

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."
– John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy's words of wisdom are perfect to define the business strategies of media and entertainment industry in India and across the globe. The media and entertainment industry is evolving at a much rapid pace than ever. The uncontrolled innovation and ever-changing technologies, growing spectrum of content consumption modes, and spurt in video demand with fierce competition makes the media and entertainment technical services industry one of the most exciting space to be in. The media and entertainment industry has a tremendous business potential as it is estimated to touch USD 40 billion by the year 2020 (PwC). The technology services do comprise a sizeable portion of it.

The USD 40-billion growth estimates are largely driven by the evolution of digital media and changing media-consumption patterns and the related adaptive change in content creation. The delivery of the content to the remotest part of our country and of the world, gives a great opportunity. The content demand in India unlike other nations is very diverse, as there is a change in culture and language at every 100–200 km. Catering to such a complex content demand, will be an exciting challenge to overcome. The smart phone users in India currently stand at 17 percent of the total population (Pew survey) and the level of penetration of smart phones or connected devices will directly impact the success of digital revolution in India.

Planetcast has been successfully operating in the media and entertainment technology services industry for the past two decades with increasing foot prints in South-East Asia after setting up the most modern digital media hub at Singapore. We have seen the industry evolve in front of us and we are proud to say that we have evolved too, with the changing times. We have contentiously changed and sharpened the business focus of our company to stay relevant in the dynamic media and entertainment industry.

In the year 2017, Planetcast is celebrating its completion of 18 successful years, entering into the adulthood. The company is all set to transform into a highly sophisticated digital media service, backed up by an enthusiastic large team of software professionals. Planetcast, known as a critical technical service provider, always makes presences useful for its customers/partners by providing robust, secure, and purely indigenous customized services. We have recently announced our OTT platform (O' Planet) for our existing broadcasters and non-TV content owners. Our OTT solution is highly cost effective and enables broadcasters to launch OTT services very quickly and in a highly cost-effective manner and have its content safe and secure on Planetcast Cloud, Planetcast Storage, and its captive data center.

In the outdoor broadcast space, where our company has always pioneered the businesses, it is further unlocking areas of VR and 3D holographic apart from HD, 4K, 8K, and outdoor media acquisition and management. Yet another milestone, Planetcast aims at providing stadium-like immersive experience of sports events in the living room of the viewers through its new initiatives in digital VR.

At Planetcast, we are working aggressively toward a digital future and we are looking at this as a revolution – a revolution, which is much bigger than what Henry Ford did for the automobile industry by democratizing cars and bigger than what Nicola Tesla did by lighting up millions of American homes by developing modern alternating current electricity supply system. We hope that this may be a major business revolution in the post-Internet world. We at Planetcast welcome you to join in the New Year 2017 and wait for Planetcast to lit homes by digital media revolution.