Shahul Hameed, Director, Delta4Cast

Delta4Cast focuses on bridging multiple streams of the broadcast industry – system integration, teleport hub services, and equipment sales and rental. The company specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole, and ensuring that those subsystems function together. The expertise lies in their ability to research, configure, diagnose, and troubleshoot systems.

The company plans to provide customized services for broadcasters according to their requirement. Also it has started investing on the managed services for broadcast industry, which is, the broadcasters have no need to invest on the infrastructure part. We will provide the entire equipment starting from production to uplink with the required manpower. This will be really helpful to the broadcasters to concentrate on the content and distribution only.

The company has recently signed with Deyan Automation systems from Cyprus for providing customized playout solutions based on requirement. Also the company represents different brands like Nimbus Video for wireless transmitter and receiver, Signum for hi-speed slow motion camera and video server, Lumantek for converters and switchers, Castwin for IP encoders and decoders, DSNG for encoder and plura monitors, and Osee for monitors and Vanbree broadcast batteries.

Continuously investing in its rental division, Delta4Cast plans to introduce an outdoor broadcast van, capable of handling eight cameras of Ikegami-HDK55, and is also capable of providing online and offline graphics. In 2016, the company's rental division covered major sports events and it shall be the one-stop solution for all outdoor broadcasting requirements.

In 2017, Delta4Cast plans to introduce in India Signum Bildtechnik's most powerful 4K media server with IP playout. With 4K playout, IP streaming, CloudRemote, and unparalleled fill/key combinations, it is Signum's most advanced server to date.

Signum recently introduced its new flagship media server – the all-new 2017 BlackHive X7. It is the most advanced media server Signum has built to date. It is fully packed with new features that speed up the studio workflow. The new BlackHive X7 plays 4K, UHD, HD, and SD videos in various formats. In addition to videos, the X7 can also play clips, stills, graphics, and templates.

With the new X7, it is possible to produce content in HD today and switch easily to 4K in the future without changing the hardware. This is what makes Signum's servers so unique on the market.

A brand new feature is CloudRemote. Thanks to this tool it is possible to connect many Signum media servers to a cloud and precisely control them remotely. For example, it is possible to play a news clip with a BlackHive X7 located in Chennai-India, and play a second news clip afterwards with another BlackHive X7 which is located in a studio in Berlin. CloudRemote does not care about the distance. It virtually merges all the content in one playlist and plays the connected content from all over the world in an unmatched precise way. Broadcasters can go on air much faster because the content does not have to be transferred before being aired.

BlackHive X7 advantages: With its ability to switch to 4K at a later point without changing the hardware, its flexible IP connections, as well as its time-saving CloudRemote feature, the new X7 is a compelling investment for all broadcasters who are looking to make the jump to UHD and IP operations.