Anil Sharma, Director-Sales, Praniskom Solutions Private Limited

Praniskom Solutions Private Limited was formed by the amalgamation of highly qualified, experienced, and accomplished professionals having several years of experience in satellite communications and broadcast. The team has extensive experience of executing large turnkey projects in satellite communications and broadcast including setting up of DTH uplink platform, large earth stations, DRM radio transmitters, rolling out DVB-T2 terrestrial TV transmitters, satellite monitoring, L-band distribution, Ka-Band receive chain, storage servers, and several others.

Having positioned itself in the field of satellite communications, Praniskom is now gearing up for the fast-changing landscape of connected world. With high-throughput satellites (HTS) in the offing, the reducing bandwidth cost, need for satellite broadband, upcoming Ka-Band and growing need of connectivity, Satcom media may soon out compete GSM by overall reduction in price per bit and also play a major role as a fall back option when cellular communication is not dependable or available. We have been working with our principal Ayecka of Israel for the introduction of RF modem-based VSAT and smart LNB-based Interactive DTH with return path on satellite. There is a huge opportunity for the low-cost VSAT system enabling the use of receives-only antenna for trans-receive applications, thus reducing the CapEx and OpEx. With GSAT-11 expected to be reaching the orbits in early 2017, we plan to be ready with the lowest-cost customer premises equipment.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the buzzword as companies embrace IoT in its overall information and communications technology (ICT). IoT is now front and center and opens a whole host of opportunities. IoT is seen as a sector that will be worth tens of billions of dollars. The need for satellite connectivity will grow as IoT grows. Variety of segments such as oil and gas, banking, mining, government network, agriculture, logistics, warehousing, infrastructure monitoring, etc., will be the drivers for fueling the growth. Praniskom has assessed this huge paradigm shift in the way the M2M connectivity and IoT will be exploited. We have partnered with companies offering IoT and cloud-based services and have already completed designing, prototyping, and integration of hardware and are now readying ourselves to cater to customers desiring to transform their business with technological advantages on their side.

Fixed and mobile satellite services are set to grow as ISRO is on a fast track of increasing the satellite bandwidth and setting up of ground facilities. This will also give momentum to the demand for satellite ground station equipment. ISRO, having established its own navigation system and setting up of HUB for mobile satellite services, will open up a plethora of opportunities in sectors like location-based services, natural resource and land management, atmospheric studies, meteorology, etc. Praniskom is actively participating in such programs and offering equipment from its principals. Also by leveraging our expertise in satellite connectivity and IoT, we are at an advantage of offering tailor-made solutions

Apart from all this, the company has been developing bespoke solutions for classified customers for satellite monitoring and surveillance, providing managed services for countrywide video contribution and distribution. The company is expanding its team and reinforcing the technical expertise needed for turnkey installation and commissioning of various satellite and broadcast projects as well as designing and developing self-complementary products.

At Praniskom, we believe that the pillars of growth are patience, persistence, and plan. We pride ourselves to have a customer-centric philosophy, an agile management, a dynamic and hard-working team, and our flexibility in collaborating with companies with complementing synergies in the same ecosystem.