Somu Patil, vice president of sales-South Asia and the ASEAN region, Grass Valley

The broadcast industry has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years as the focus has shifted to meeting the changing viewing habits of consumers, who now expect content to be available any time and on a variety of devices. Grass Valley's mission is to provide solutions that empower its customers to create, control, and connect content wherever, however, and whenever it is consumed.

Within the focus on content, there are four main areas where we believe our customers face the most critical challenges – live production, news, content delivery, and networking. These areas provide the greatest opportunity for efficiency gains and revenue growth. Grass Valley's integrated solutions make it easier for customers to build successful businesses that will help them meet the changing content needs of their respective clients.

Broadcasters are also beginning to explore IP technology for significant improvements in efficiency and performance. IP is well established and is already delivering benefits in other vertical industry applications, including IT data centers. The broadcast industry can benefit from such a model – one that relies on the same scalability, load balancing, use of commodity hardware, and redundancy that make IT data centers so ubiquitous and successful. Grass Valley was the first to embrace this data center model for its suite of IP solutions. With the agility of IP, broadcasters will be set up to handle the growing needs of their broadcast plant today and, perhaps even more importantly, will ensure their ability to continue expanding easily in the future. To ensure that customers get the best IP equipment available, Grass Valley has partnered with Cisco to enable their IP switches within what we call the Broadcast Data Center.

Another challenge broadcasters face is the myriad of formats that are in play today. Grass Valley is committed to improving flexibility for customers, making it easier to work in formats that are most in demand at any given time – from SD and HD with SDR to HD and 4K/UHD with HDR. This is accomplished in part through the implementation of open standards; by virtualizing solutions and leveraging the power of the data center, where possible, and by providing platforms that are upgradeable and extensible for the future.

For broadcasters facing these challenges and more, Grass Valley has the scale and stability to deliver integrated solutions that enable the flexibility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, quality, and scalability that content creators, aggregators, and distributors need to sustain their businesses. For nearly 60 years, we have been dedicated to helping broadcasters overcome their various, and continually growing, challenges.

Just recently, Grass Valley introduced several innovative new solutions in the areas of capture, switching, networking, video-on-demand (VOD) preparation, and others. For example, the new LDX 82 Series cameras and all LDX 86 and LDX 86N Series cameras now support a native HDR workflow to give broadcasters more choice, while the new LDX C82 Series is the most feature-rich HD compact camera on the market, with the new LDX C86N Series a fully self-contained and compact companion to Grass Valley's native 4K UHD system cameras. The new GV Korona K-Frame V-series switcher boasts a 3 RU frame size for flexible production in any space-constrained environment. GV Node, a fundamental building block of the Broadcast Data Center, provides deterministic, vertically accurate switching of video signals whether they originate as SDI or IP, such as SMPTE ST 2022-6. And iTX On-Demand is our VOD solution that helps broadcasters and content owners streamline VOD content creation so they can scale to meet demand, ensuring live sports/news and special events are on OTT platforms minutes after the event finishes.

This is an exciting time to be in the broadcast business and we are energized by the challenges our customers are facing. Our holistic approach is one that only Grass Valley can offer due to the breadth of our product range. And only Grass Valley is equipped to deliver content your way.