Jan Eveleens,CEO, Axon Digital Design

Axon Digital Design, which this year celebrates 30 years in the broadcast industry, is putting the industry's move to ultra-high definition firmly at the top of its agenda. Recognizing the importance of this technology, it anticipates a positive response to its new SynView modular multiviewer, which will be a highlight in the upcoming exhibition. A raft of new products is on show for the first time in the region.

Capable of handling both 4K and any IP video formats, SynView is ready for the future and can support whatever video transport mechanism the industry chooses to adopt. This new multiviewer is also ideal for a wide range of applications and from small to extremely large monitoring walls.

Two basic models are available, each in two versions (SDI I/O or Ethernet I/O). These versions can be mixed and matched to build a hybrid multiviewer with up to hundreds of inputs and eight 1080p heads (on SDI) or two heads with UHD/4K resolution. Multiple connector panels will be available to allow for different I/O configurations. Compared to earlier systems, SynView's feature-set has been significantly enhanced, with double the amount of inputs, eight times the amount of outputs (heads), UHD/4K/60Hz output resolution on display outputs, and a six-fold increase of processing power. The system can now scale, position, de-embed, overlay, and process eight video channels.

At Broadcast Asia, Axon will also focus on the challenges broadcasters face as they transition from SDI to IP. As the local representative for Utah Scientific, it will highlight how both companies are developing products for 4K and IP by showing routers that deliver SDI (including UHD) and S2022 content.

Axon will also show its new Synapse NIO440, an 8-channel bi-directional Ethernet/SDI bridge from 3G/HD-SDI to uncompressed Ethernet video transport and de-centralized routing. NIO440 can be used as a point-to-point video/audio/data connection (using standard fiber-optic cables or SMPTE camera cables, avoiding CWDM infrastructures and cost), and it provides point to multi-point routing and distribution using IT switches. Due to its highly flexible architecture, this ground-breaking product can help customers move to an IP-based infrastructure with compatibility of all possible current and future standards. At present, the card is compatible with both AVB/TSN and s2022. Future standards like VSF-TR03/TR04 – and of course SMPTE-2059 – are also within its capability, and compatibility will be achieved by future software upgrades.

Axon's line-up includes its ever-popular Cerebrum control and monitoring software, which is fast becoming the control solution of choice for mobile production, news and studio live production, master control, and remote production. The latest version of Cerebrum is more flexible and open than ever before because it now supports products from Everzt, AJA, AXIA, Allen & Heath, Panasonic, Ross, Yamaha, Rohde & Schwartz, Quintech, and Black Magic. This makes it even simpler to monitor and control multiple devices on one easy-to-use interface.

Axon's final new product, One – a virtual camera system is designed for live video capture and streaming. AZilPix Studio.One employs cost-effective, ultra-high resolution cameras with wide angle and/or fish eye lenses, thus allowing content producers to capture every aspect of a live event from multiple angles. The system is designed to integrate into a traditional or IP broadcast environment and blend seamlessly with virtual reality video production, making it ideal for remote Internet or broadcast live productions, such as music concerts, sports events, church services, and conferences. Axon has created an interface for AZilPix Studio.One that enables the system's cameras to link to its Cerebrum control and monitoring software.