Ranjit Bhatti, Territory Account Manager (India & SAARC), Avid

When we first introduced our Avid Everywhere vision in 2013, the media industry was facing a period of unprecedented change. The rapid digitization of the media value chain made it difficult for content creators to connect and automate workflows, and increased the cost and complexity of monetizing assets. The consumerization of content creation and distribution forced media organizations to adjust to a new reality where they could no longer control when or how audiences consumed content, and declines in traditional revenue sources required a recalibration of business models. And the relentless pressure for operational efficiency was a challenge in an industry filled with disconnected people, tools, and workflows.

These were the core issues the Avid Everywhere vision and strategy set out to resolve in 2013, leading the way for the entire global media production industry. And now in 2017, just four years later, the transformation is complete. And the Avid MediaCentral Platform is unrivaled as the most open, most flexible, and most integrated media production and distribution platform in the industry. Now, not only can media organizations more efficiently connect disparate teams and accelerate their workflows, but new distribution and monetization capabilities are helping them connect with their audiences in much more powerful and profitable ways than ever before.

Our focus now is getting more customers on the platform so they can benefit from it, because the more people on the platform, the powerful it becomes. Our goal is to deliver continuous innovation for everyone by improving everything we have built – through better integration, better simplification, better performance, better support for new technologies, and better cloud enablement.

Even as technology advances, we've seen a particularly urgent operational and financial challenge remain. Increasing operational capacity requires expensive, often redundant staffing and capital expenditures. And production facility real estate makes it very costly to house hardware. Compounding the problem, many organizations that have overprovisioned their on-premises hardware capacity are actually underutilizing the systems they've invested in. That is why there is so much buzz around the cloud.

The next phase of Avid Everywhere is all about leading the media industry's ability to handle full-scale media production in the cloud – a journey that will usher in an exciting new era of media production possibilities and strategic business opportunities.We're giving media organizations the complete flexibility to create, distribute, and monetize their content using the deployment type that works best for them. And regardless of their deployment model – on premises, private data center, public cloud, or hybrid – we're making sure they have the same user experience, workflow power, speed, efficiency, and collaboration capabilities they've come to rely on from Avid. People from any group, on any device, can work together on media of any resolution.

By extending their media production environment to the cloud, media organizations will finally be able to incorporate cloud-based workflows into their existing environment at their own pace, as needed. It means they gain the licensing flexibility and business agility to align the deployment of their Avid solutions with the needs of their production environment, and to connect and collaborate from anywhere, whether using a workstation, laptop, or mobile device, all while increasing efficiency across every facet of the entire media value chain and reaping the value of the investments they've already made in the Avid platform.

With the transformation to our Avid Everywhere strategy now complete, the Avid MediaCentral Platform is your onramp to the cloud. With it, media organizations will grow viewership and brand affinity, connect with their audience in new ways, and fully protect their assets by operating in a secure environment – whether on premises, in a private data center, on the public cloud, or any combination.