Ajeet Khare, Managing Director, Canara Lighting Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Canara Lighting, having a fully integrated manufacturing facility, is all set to achieve its vision of global illuminators. At present, we have the biggest world-class specialized lighting equipment manufacturing and turnkey solution providing facility in South Asia. During the last many years, we have created a global branding for Canara Lighting. To start with, a new brand was created and launched nationally and globally. Today the brand Canara Lighting is synonymous with reliable, state-of-the-art and turnkey solution provider for lighting system to broadcasting, film, theater, architectural, and sports lighting requirements.

Broadcasting is going through a revolutionary phase to adopt 4K technology. Upcoming channels are contemplating adoption of 4K technology from day one. Others are drawing plans to move to this innovative technology. These scenarios will result in upgrading practically all equipment used in the broadcast industry. We are gearing up to meet this challenge.

Broadcast lighting requirement will also go through the similar exacting demand of meeting 4K requirements. In order to adopt the latest technology and to have cost advantage, LED technology will find ready acceptance. However, quality parameters for better reproduction will occupy center stage. At present, broadcasting studios are designed for either warm light 3200K or day light 5600K. This scenario will change to have color temperatures having compatibility with video screen. More and more studios will be designed to use day light color temperature. Another parameter requiring greater attention will be the color rendering index (CRI), which would need to be more than 95. Such challenges offer excellent opportunities for us.

Canara Lighting's vision is to be at the cutting edge of technology. The company has a world class Research & Development facility which also includes a photometry lab. Our R&D team includes professionals from illumination engineering, power electronics, optics, and product design.

Canara Lighting has invested significantly in the development of LED lighting fixtures. During the last 5 years, our R&D efforts have resulted in the availability of a complete product range using LED technology. Our product range includes 200W and 400W LED Fresnel, 90W and 180W LED Panel, LED Cyclorama lights, LED PAR, LED Zoom Profile, LED Moving Head, LED ENG Kit, etc. The company offers studio lighting system using 100 percent LED technology coupled with motorized and non-motorized grid and rigging system. Turnkey solutions are offered to design and build studio lighting systems for broadcasters. The lighting system solutions offered encompass every kind of studio requirement from news to entertainment to talk shows, etc. This approach of being at the cutting edge of technology and offering turnkey solutions helps the company tap the opportunities available in the broadcast industry.

Canara luminaires are designed in-house by designers who are motivated and briefed to create luminaires which are world class. Design features take into account latest materials, products, and technology. The design is further fine-tuned for performance and longevity. All inputs including LEDs, electronic components, thermal management, and housing are chosen from the best sources worldwide. Each luminaire developed is extensively tested at our photometry lab. This holistic approach to product development makes our luminaires stand out in the world scenario.

During the last few years, we have added new business verticals covering architectural and sports-related illumination requirements. We are working with international consultants and designers to offer world class solution in these areas. Since our approach was unconventional and innovative, we have caught the attention of customers and have bagged significant business.

We see 2017-18 as an eventful year ahead, which should result in our larger global presence. We also consider ourselves becoming a formidable contender in the new business verticals of architectural and sports lighting.