Shahul Hameed,Director, Delta4cast

Delta4Cast focuses on bridging multiple streams of the broadcast industry – system integration, teleport hub services, and equipment sales and rental. The company specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole, and ensuring that those subsystems function together. The expertise lies in their ability to research, configure, diagnose, and troubleshoot systems.

The company plans to provide customised services for broadcasters according to their requirement. Also we have started investing on the managed services for broadcast industry, which means the broadcasters need not invest on the infrastructure part. We will provide the entire equipment starting from production to uplink with manpower; it will really be helpful to the broadcasters to concentrate on production and distribution only.

We are a distributor of Lumantek products in India. Lumantek launched the 4K switcher in NAB show. The switcher features 16 (12G ) inputs and 8 (12G) outputs. It comes with built-in logo options and keyers. This is a very cost effective and advanced switcher in the industry. Company has recently signed an agreement with Dalet to provide MAM solutions for the media industry. Dalet provides solutions for end-to-end workflows for news, sports, program preparation, archive, and radio. Dalet products offer targeted applications with key capabilities to address critical media workflow functions such as ingest, QC, edit, transcode, and multiple platform distribution.

The company works with Quantum to provide storage solutions for the media and IT industry. Quantum is a leading expert in scale-out tiered storage, archive, and data protection, providing intelligent solutions for capturing, sharing, and preserving digital assets over the entire data lifecycle. We help customers maximize the value of these assets to achieve their goals, whether it is top movie studios looking to create the next blockbuster, researchers working to accelerate scientific discovery, or small businesses trying to streamline their operations. With a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class disk, tape, and software solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud environments, we enable customers to address their most demanding workflow challenges and opportunities. Our association with Indiasign provides the teleport-hub facilities in Chennai. Indiasign is a leading service provider in teleport services; they offer uplink facilities in Apstar7, Intelsat 17, and Intelsat 20. The Chennai hub offers playout facilities with redundancy and studio cameras with PCR setup. We help customers to reduce their budget to creating the techinfra. The broadcasters can start the content production from day-1.

The company has recently signed with Deyan Automation systems from Cyprus for providing customised playout solutions based on requirement. It also represents different brands like Nimbus Video wireless transmitter and receiver, Signum hi-speed slow-motion camera and 4K video server, Lumantek converters and switchers, Castwin IP encoders and decoders, DSNG encoder and Plura monitors and Osee monitors, and Vanbree broadcast batteries.

In 2017, we have launched the Signum Bildtechnik's most powerful 4K media server with IP playout in India. With 4K playout, IP streaming, CloudRemote and unparalleled fill/key combinations, it is Signum's most advanced server to date. Signum recently introduced its new flagship media server – the all-new 2017 BlackHive X7. It is the most advanced media server Signum has built to date. It is fully packed with new features that speed up the studio workflow. The new BlackHive X7 plays 4K, UHD, HD, und SD videos in various formats. In addition to videos, the X7 can also play clips, stills, graphics, and templates

We have contributed in the area of digital archive, be it media inspection, special treatment to the media, setting up archival policy, audio/video digitization, quality check, transcoding, archival, etc. We have customers both onsite and offsite. We offer metadata cataloguing, consultation and planning, and quality check.

Also continuously investing in our rental division, we are planning to introduce 4K Video switchers and 4K cameras. In 2016, our rental division covered major sports events and we aim to become the one-stop solution for all the outdoor broadcasting requirements.