Manish Saraswat, Area Manager Broadcast & Media, Rohde & Schwarz India

The group Rohde & Schwarz achieved net revenue of approximately EUR 1.92 billion in the 2015-16 fiscal year (July to June). The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and also has strong regional hubs in Asia. On June 30, 2016, the Group had approximately 10,000 employees.

Throughout its 80+ year history, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision, and innovation in all fields of wireless communications, broadcasting included. From our roots in broadcasting, we have continued to evolve our support of all things audio and video, providing relevant solutions to broadcasters, studios, post-production facilities, cable TV and satellite providers, and consumer electronics designers. Regardless of the resolution, format, codec, interface, or standard, Rohde & Schwarz provides systems to support the audio and video signal chain from content ingest to transmission and, ultimately, to the viewer's screen at home. Let us have a look on some product updates:

R&S VENICE ingest and playout platform. The ingest and playout platform from Rohde & Schwarz provides the most flexible and advanced workflow options.R&S VENICE is the right system for broadcasters and post-production houses that want to offer their viewers the highest possible quality while making smart investments for the future.

With its open architecture, the ingest and playout system masters the most demanding broadcasts and productions. R&S VENICE provides a comfortable working environment and comprehensively covers all major formats and codecs. The system is easy to operate and, in an industry where time equals money, its transfer-while and edit-while ingest workflows ensure fast post processing. This convenient solution seamlessly ingests and plays out resolutions ranging from SD to 4K. And the transform functionality allows transforming into all supported formats.

IBM Spectrum Scale. Now Rohde & Schwarz will be using the IBM Spectrum Scale file system solution with their storage solutions to ensure more efficient storage-capacity utilization. Broadcasters and postproduction houses can now implement intelligent solutions for storing their media files based on their needs. The new file system software for R&S SpycerBox Cell and R&S SpycerBox Ultra TL simplifies the storage workflow and makes it more cost effective.

R&S CLIPSTER: Complete mastering solution excels in UHD and HDR. Rohde & Schwarz CLIPSTER is already a power pack tool for DCI and IMF mastering. CLIPSTER is already the market leader in high-quality film production finishing. Version 6.2 of this solution with UHD HDR mastering and 32-bit floating-point processing offers even higher performance. R&S CLIPSTER 6.2 is versatile in post-production and supports the most diverse workflows.

The floating-point processing option and the HDR workflow option make it possible to convert between different HDR container formats at the highest fidelity. The CLIPSTER 6.2 release makes it possible to generate 4K/UHD high-dynamic range (HDR) masters including mapping of the extended luminance range into ST2086 (PQ), directly from an uncompressed linear light digital source. R&S CLIPSTER 6.2 also supports real-time conversion from PQ to HLG for HDR sequences.

PRIOS video board R&S. Prios SDI is a new video board that earns points with its versatility and cutting edge technology. It offers operating modes for simultaneous recording and replay over eight independent HD channels or two 4K/UHD channels. R&S Prios SDI addresses OEM customers in the field of professional film and video, who can integrate the board with their own products. Virtual studio applications especially benefit from the low latency made possible by the fast PCIe 3.08 bus.