Nitin Gupta, Cluster Programming Head, Upper North, Radio Mirchi

I want to start with a lovely quote of Tapas Sen (Chief Programming Officer, Radio Mirchi), "Radio is Not a MediumRadio is Large," and he is quite right with his thought. We always treat radio as a medium, very simple and less effective, but reality is totally different. Yes, radio is simple but on its approach; yes radio is less effective but only in areas where there is no radio channel.

Well radio industry has just entered its golden era with a lot of new stations across the nation. At the same time, competition is also increasing. Radio as a tool is around 15 years old, looks quite young, but changing scenario in listenership always keeps a radio professional on his toes. For Radio Mirchi as a brand "Listener is THE KING" and we will follow same for future too. Present radio environment is full of clutter and it is our responsibility as a content creator to make it clutter-free and listener-friendly.

How will radio become listener-friendly? Well, all radio stations are searching for this answer since they launched, but somehow not even a single radio station is near to find a correct answer. At Mirchi, we are trying to keep our product closer to our listeners, which is helping us to make it a listener-friendly radio station. Now here closer means more local, wittier, and yes most important, more "MUSIC".

If I talk about coming years of Mirchi, we will be focusing on MUSICMORE MUSICwith insertion of wittier content. We will focus majorly on how to increase more music quotient for listeners, for that we are making some changes in our on-air structure, which include radio edits of songs. Radio edits are shorter version of songs, so by using these versions, we will play more songs in an hour.

I want to conclude my article with one more very strong quote from Tapas Sen, "LESS IS MORE". Yes less is more; sometimes to deliver more we create clutter around us, and to avoid this clutter we should go for lesser but impactful work which will keep radio simple but entertaining.