SK Surana, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, Jan TV: A Unit of CSL Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.

We at Jan TV (A unit of CSL Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur) have established ourselves as one of the major digital media content provider organization in the state of Rajasthan over a short span of 5 years. We started with practically no prior experience of media and journalism, but had strong will and determination to prove our capabilities. We leveraged our sound background of IT and electronics sector and implemented the same in the full earnest. Being new in the field has never put a constraint or doubt in our minds as we are clear about our goals.

Our original line of business is related to intellectual property and consultancy; we have always been in research mode and looking out for making things more efficient all the time. We are the first service provider who is providing satellite TV-based education live to government school students in the state of Rajasthan. There is a constant urge of R&D specific to media field (hardware, software, reporting means, communication, etc.) from the management which keeps the employees motivated and abreast of latest happenings.

After the launch of 4G services in India, It is expected that we will see changes in how the end user is watching the TV content. Internet appears to be a big substitute for cable and DTH platforms. Many OTT platforms are providing live and quality content to their subscribers. Viewer has on-the-go live content on his mobile now which he can watch at his will.

TRAI's new tariff order and interconnect regulation orders will provide much-required relief to new channels and should give a boost to the broadcast industry. The new interconnect regulation will bring more transparency in business between distributors and broadcasters. The new tariff order is a win-win situation for subscriber, distributor, and the pay channel.

The coming year will see lot of changes in the broadcast industry as government has asked to replace the current analog cable networks with a digital addressable system. The pay channels will be benefited the most.

A stable government augurs well for Indian economy, which in turn should generate more opportunities for broadcast industry in the country. We are positive that the coming days will be the days of growth in the country and our company is fully geared up to be part of this.