Uday Reddy, Founder & CEO, YuppTV

In this age of information overload, people expect to see events unfold in real time. As live broadcasting continues to gain steam in the digital circuits, there now exists a superior quality product, facilitating users to go live instantly, anytime, anywhere. With increasing penetration of live solutions, it is further imperative for the solutions to be reliable, cost-effective, and robust. Furthermore, the solutions must offer low latency and affordable transcoding to be able to scale to make the live broadcast go viral on multiple platforms. Also, today different popular social media platforms offer easy solutions for users to go live and share their special moments instantly.

To best suit the needs of live broadcasters, YuppTV has recently launched Freedocast to enable broadcasters to go live at any point, host interactive sessions, or create private broadcasts. Freedocast enables users to reach wider audiences simultaneously through social media platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope/Twitter, or to any custom RTMP destination. While it is crucial to have portable live solutions, and reach multi-platform and devices, Freedocast platform is well-equipped and scalable to support more digital media platforms and provide broadcasters with the best exposure that they deserve.

Freedocast offers tailor-made solutions for broadcasters to aggregate, edit, and broadcast events in real time to their studios and multiple platforms. This solution is aimed to improve broadcasters' efficiency and productivity to stay ahead of competition. Celebrities and influencers can maximize the value of their social media programs by hosting special interactive sessions through Freedocast. Broadcasting sporting events, webinars, etc., can be streamed to multiple platforms to increase the audience size and bring in new revenue streams for the broadcasters. Using Freedocast, MSOs and local cable operators can run their local channel to broadcast regional news, events, festivals, celebrations, and many more.

With the penetration of 4G LTE, users are now able to live broadcast from remote locations using Freedocast, which is significantly cheaper than using DSNG trucks and vans. In addition, Freedocast deploys disruptive hardware technology – a Quad core CPU and DSP-based proprietary hardware that can take HDMI input as well as UDP/RTMP/RTSP input to broadcast over Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

The Freedocast Pro device can be easily controlled via Android and iOS app. The mobile apps can be used to preview, control, and monitor the live broadcasts, with the device having MIC IN, HDMI IN/OUT for source connectivity. Freedocast live streaming platform is designed as a one-stop-solution providing cloud transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming for best viewing experience in low bandwidths, real-time analytics, viewer interactivity with chat moderation, ad-integration, pay-per-view, geo-blocking, and password protection for control of events. Any external encoder can be used to go live through Freedocast platform and simultaneously stream to multiple platforms

Innovation and providing the best services to constantly address the needs of users is the key to remain relevant in the domain, and Freedocast is well abreast to provide reliable and scalable live streaming solutions with affordable transcoding.