Niimesh N Mukherjee , Regional Programming Head , My Fm,

We should follow some process so that it will help in, increasing the popularity, gap between competitors and having total dominance in the market.

If you listen to radio at least once in a while, you may remember a few presenters. You remember them because you liked them and they were interesting. We should follow some process so that it will help in, increasing the list of listeners, popularity, and gap between competitors, constantly being the no.1 position and having total dominance in the market.

To be perfect in work and reach the objective tasks should be done in a routine manner.

Weekly programming report. An exhaustive calendar helps keep track of all activities in one sheet. An all-task tracker covers all tasks exhaustively doing away with the need of any other sheet. The team can refer to it, in the absence of a leader and finish tasks. Timely updating on competition activities enables taking responsive/corrective action.

Meet and greet. RJs should be brought closer to their listeners. A one–on-one and informal interaction gives space for close bonding. It can be used for content feedback before and after the launch of the content. It can help understand the latest needs of listeners, create brand ambassadors, and let the listener have his/her first interaction with a celebrity.

On-grounds shows. These shows help reach out to consumers/listeners.They also help give a live radio studio feel to listeners due to increased interactivity.They provide perfect brand visibility, help create brand ambassadors, and provide an opportunity for listeners to come on air and listen to their requests on air.

Weekly music testing. A unique practice in the radio industry, it helps decide the sound of the station which in turn creates a perception in the minds of listener. This practice also creates brand ambassadors and gives a feel to listeners as contributors to the content.

Programming software entries. Creation of an ever-growing database is important. Analytics of data provides insights –age/location/occupation, and likewise analytics can also help in define the area/locations for activities of the station. Regular/not regular/intermittent callers can be identified. The caller and winner database can be used for inviting them for station activities. Quality callers can help form a panel for content feedback/music testing and likewise.

Music versus non-music. The first hygiene report of the station is the most important report which regulates the on-air content. It provides a complete guide to music/talk/promos/sparklers/ inventory, and other elements aired. A complete picture of the run log helps in better understanding, checking for hygiene, and mistakes. Microanalysis reduces the chances and opportunities of making mistakes with on-air products.

Weekly presentation. This provides an opportunity for learning and knowledge acquisition. RJs sound confident and aware about unique subjects. One RJ gets exposed to four subjects in a month therefore doing away with the problem of RJs who do not understand the subject and yet speak. The team gets to understand each other, bond over tea and presentations. Learning becomes fun.

Airchecks. Airchecks provide a structured and pointed feedback and performance improvement. They give a creative and constructive feedback rather than just carrying out discussions around link length. Airchecks provide a reason for RJs to look for solutions from PH.

Monthly programming review. A monthly review provides the only window to showcase the work done in one month and a progress report captured under various relevant heads. It provides an opportunity to present the unique work done at the station/regional level. It gives a complete picture of all activities/hygiene/SOPs at the station level. It also gives updates about activity execution/leadership.

These processes will help the radio station to work and make a web for listeners so they become habitual of listening to the radio and get updated information given by the station.

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