Ramki Sankaranarayanan, CEO & Founder, Prime Focus Technologies

The Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry continues to evolve globally based on the increasingly divergent need to deliver content that meets the specific criteria of established and emerging media outlets. This new market environment creates new challenges for the content supply chain relative to increasing protectionism and de-globalization combined with the business demand to reduce overall total cost of operations (TCOP). On the flip side, these same market conditions create new and exciting global growth opportunities for Prime Focus Technologies given our exclusive focus on and innovative approach to media asset management (MAM) solutions for the M&E industry. Significant contract awards over the course of 2017 from leading global content suppliers such as Turner, ICC, Hearst, and PBS for our CLEAR™ Media ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution are all testimony to the M&Es industry’s changing landscape and willingness to embrace new solutions.

CLEAR™ delivers a unique solution for channels, studios, production houses, and streaming platforms by helping them automate their content supply chain. CLEAR provides M&E enterprises with a single MAM system across all creative, marketing, and technical operations that works across global sites. With Promo Versioning automation, work order administration, mastering automation and many additional powerful digitization features, CLEAR Media ERP offers the lowest TCOP than the next best alternative. In fact, CLEAR can reduce cost of operations by as much as 30 percent. Users no longer have to worry about maintaining and managing standalone applications, upgrade costs, system and software support costs, hosting, help desk, etc. Automating the supply chain helps M&E players drive creative enablement, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce cost, and realize new monetization opportunities. With the extent of digitization in the M&E industry only set to increase, CLEAR presents the ideal solution. In fact, it is not just a MAM. It is Media ERP.

Powered by hybrid cloud architecture, CLEAR manages content workflows across multiple distributed locations. This enables internal and external stakeholders to access content anytime from anywhere, which facilitates easy collaboration with multiple vendors and distributors. Users can perform tasks such as cataloging and subtitling on a low-resolution proxy, while operations like editing can be performed on the high-resolution content. CLEAR’s workflow engine manages distributed workflows for the remote execution of tasks at service recipient sites as well as a central operations site. These include transcoding using Vantage Pro, Auto QC using Baton/Cerify, file transfer using Aspera/Signiant, file management, and API integrations to ingest and deliver content. Moreover, data is protected with encryption, watermarking, and content disaster recovery. CLEAR can also be easily tailored to include broadcast workflows like subtitling/closed captioning, cataloging, transcription, VFX, and online frame-accurate conform.

Based on all of its unique capabilities, customization versatility, and extreme cost-efficiency, Prime Focus Technologies’ vision is to make CLEAR™ the default application for the global M&E industry. Our strategy to accomplish this goal is multitiered. On a global scale, we will continue to develop and release new and innovative solutions that resolve the content management pain points of our customers through automation. From a services perspective, we will focus on increasing market relevance by augmenting our sales force with additional subject matter experts in the United States, United Kingdom, LATAM, and Canadian markets. In India and across South Asia, we will deliver increased localized support in more regional languages, and expand our outreach to horizontal industry markets.

We believe that 2018 promises to be a pivotal year for Prime Focus Technologies as we launch new offerings, service and support initiatives that will forever change the landscape for MAM.