Steve Corda, Vice President of Business Development-North America, SES

"C4K360 is a forward-thinking ultra-HD channel with its finger on the pulse of young, millennial audiences around the world. TV enthusiasts across North America and across the globe are buying Ultra-HD sets at an unprecedented pace, ready to see the very best programming available today, and satellite is absolutely the ideal platform for delivering high-quality content to large audiences."

Steve Corda
Vice President of Business Development-North America, SES

SES's has announceda capacity agreement to launch the new C4K360 ultra-HD (UHD) channel across North America aboard its SES-1 satellite. C4K360 joins SES's 4K UHD distribution neighborhood hosted on three satellites at the center of the orbital arc over North America.

Tailored to young audiences, C4K360 offers UHD content featuring high-end entertainment programs including e-sports; lifestyle magazines and interviews; gaming and gameplay; extreme sports; all these together with live DJ sets, mega concerts, and festivals. The new UHD channel, licensed across North America by Vivicast Media, fully embraces the second screen concept with 360-degree virtual reality (VR) premium content in addition to ultra-high resolution production values, increasingly important to millennial viewers.

C4K360 aims to represent an exciting source of relevant and entertaining programming for thriving millennial audiences, who are increasingly demanding UHD content in both their lifestyle, gaming, and VR experiences.

Channel producers have already developed innovative club and dance programming that is extremely popular with European viewers, and the mix of clubbing, and lifestyle entertainment shows is sure to be a big hit with audiences throughout the North American region