SES's board of directors has recently approved a restructuring of SES's go-to-market organization model with the creation of two highly focused business units, SES Video and SES Networks, focusing on the video- and data-centric segments in which SES operates. The new organization, which will be implemented during the course of 2017, will gather all go-to-market capabilities and allow SES to deliver increasingly differentiated and essential satellite-enabled communication solutions to SES clients in the respective video and data-centric segments. SES Networks comprises the enterprise, mobility, and government segments, and integrates
O3b Networks.

Ferdinand Kayser, currently chief commercial officer of SES, is appointed chief executive officer of SES Video; Steve Collar, currently chief executive officer of O3b Networks, is appointed chief executive officer of SES Networks. The team believes that this new market-facing structure will enable SES to accelerate the execution of its market-centric strategy and will enable them to focus on its differentiated capabilities within each community to best serve its customers globally. The new operating model will allow SES to leverage the capabilities of its affiliates, MX1 and O3b, in which the company has recently made significant investments, and has made them one of the key enablers of video and data-centric businesses.