Following the conclusion of contracts on two satellites with Eutelsat Communications, NTV-Plus has consolidated its coverage across Siberia and has extended broadcasting into the country's Far East

With the launch of new services, NTV-Plus is on the way to achieve its objective of full coverage of the Russian Federation, enabling viewers across the country to benefit from the diversity and quality of digital TV. This new wave of expansion for NTV-Plus to extend its broadcasting footprint as far as the Pacific Coast follows approvals earlier this year from Russia's Federal Tender Commission.

NTV-Plus has signed a multi-year, multi-transponder contract with Eutelsat covering the Express-AT2 satellite at 140 East to reach homes in Far East Russia and incremental capacity on the Express-AT1 satellite at 56 East to consolidate its coverage of Siberia. Launched with Eutelsat over 20 years ago, NTV-Plus offers its subscribers more than 240 special-interest channels including high-definition content. The offer includes 42 channels produced by Gazprom Media with a strong focus on exclusive premium sport across 11 channels.