Audio-Technica supplied more than 120 vocal and instrument microphones for the 50th Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards. The awards show featured an extensive selection of Audio-Technica hard-wired microphones, plus Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF wireless systems with AEW-T6100 a handheld microphone/transmitter. Audio-Technica microphones were chosen for their ability to provide clear and consistent audio quality for live broadcast./p>

The CMA Awards presentation is recognized as country music's biggest night and represents the pinnacle of achievement for those involved in country music. Audio-Technica's acclaimed Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF wireless system with the AEW-T6100a hyper cardioid dynamic handheld microphone/transmitter was used for lead vocals The backline mic complement of A-T wired microphones included the AT4081 phantom-powered bidirectional ribbon microphone on guitars; AT4050 multi-pattern condenser microphone on overheads; AT4047/SV cardioid condenser microphone on guitars; AE2500 dual-element cardioid instrument microphone on kick drum; AE5100 cardioid condenser instrument microphone on hi-hat and ride cymbals; ATM650 hyper cardioid dynamic instrument microphone on snare; and ATM350 cardioid condenser clip-on microphone and ATM250 hyper cardioid dynamic instrument microphone on toms drum.