Viz One 5.11Viz One 5.11, the latest version of Vizrt's media asset management system, fundamentally extends both the search and media capabilities with 25 new features.

Viz One 5.11 is feature-rich with a total of 25 new features. The aim of the release is to extend both the search and media capabilities of Viz One. The result is a MAM system with significantly more powerful search, and native support for H.264 media suited for broadcast, online, and non-broadcast use-cases.

The new Smart Search feature allows searching across all types of assets in a single query. It can combine metadata from parent programs and parent series, as well as time-based log metadata form.

To complement Smart Search, the browser-based Viz One interface, Studio, now also shows multiple related assets for a search result. This means users can directly find matching assets not currently displayed such as logs, edited versions, and folders without having to leave the search result or to dig deeper.

H.264 for video production is now enabled for the core media handlers. This allows customers to use video recorded on phones or other platforms that use H.264 in their workflows. It also allows management of content that has been significantly more compressed to save storage space compared to higher bandwidth broadcast codecs. This new feature extends the use of H.264 compressed streams to proxy video and allows it to be used as the actual production format.

Viz One 5.11 has full support for the Apple ProRes media format. New features include faster editing of Apple ProRes video in large video since the system can do partial restore from tape. By only restoring the actual media used in a cut or export, less bandwidth is used and more media can be pushed to/from the LTO archive. This speeds up workflows and lowers the investment needed for an archive.

Long media can now be sent to Avid while media is being ingested into Viz One. Users can start working with media immediately as it transfers to Avid Interplay or Avid Media Composer.

Viz One's transfer system has been extended with a new transfer-plugin that interfaces OpenStack Swift. This enables Viz One to take advantage of the flexibility and resilience that object storages such as OpenStack Swift offer. The primary purpose of the new transfer-plugin is to enable using OpenStack Swift for long-term storage.

The Viz One playlist view and automatic playout staging functionality have both been extended. The purposes of these extensions are to enable more effective and consistent delivery of media to playout. The extensions include changes to the playlist view in Studio, as well as changes to the actual media staging itself.

Another new feature includes keyboard shortcuts for accessibility and power users and configurable storage sizes.

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