Autodesk has unveiled the annual update to their manufacturing and design software, Netfabb. While Netfabb 2017 came packed with new features and improvements, just two months after Netfabb 2017’s release, Autodesk has added even more updates to the software, increasing its capabilities, a true end-to-end additive manufacturing solution.

Several new tools have been introduced to make Netfabb even more connected and competitive. Cloud-based simulation, which has been available for Netfabb since September in conjunction with a local solver, is in the process of being improved and turned into a pay-per-use feature for a future version of Netfabb. This new cloud-solving option will be available to subscribers for free from November 30 to January 15, and feedback from subscribers will help Autodesk determine the direction of the final feature.

Netfabb’s connected design and additive manufacturing software already enable users to take products from design to finished part in a streamlined process that allows for testing, optimization, preparation, and printing. It has become a valued tool for both large and small businesses, manufacturers, and service bureaus.

In addition, Netfabb now includes hybrid subtractive and additive manufacturing workflows. The two go together more often than one might expect, as evidenced in the growing number of 3-D printer/CNC machine hybrids hitting the market this year. Subtractive manufacturing, such as CNC milling, is often needed to improve the surface finish and accuracy of features on additively manufactured parts, although to compensate for the material being milled away, the original part needs to be designed with extra material, creating a larger object than will ultimately be needed.

The new update also includes technology from Project Escher, Autodesk’s advanced software that controls the movements of multiple 3-D printer heads working together on one print job. The technology allows for large industrial parts to be printed in one piece with greater speed and detail, and Autodesk is also open-sourcing the hardware specifications and software required to create printers with multiple-print-head technology.

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