The amount of time across the globe spent streaming SVOD content continues to grow at an accelerated pace, with viewing hours up more than 100 percent last year, according to a new study from Conviva.

According to the company’s data, there were 12.6 billion viewing hours in 2017 measured across 2.4 billion various devices. The company also noted a 9 percent growth rate shown in different devices being used to stream content.

Conviva broke out shares of the viewing hours by region: the majority, 58 percent, came from North America, with 21 percent in Europe, 19 percent in Asia and 2 percent around the rest of the world.

“Conviva has seen the viewing hour growth rate accelerate over the past several years as more consumers move their TV-watching from traditional linear pay TV services to a very wide variety of OTT services offered by both pure play OTT publishers and MVPDs as well as pay TV providers diversifying their service offerings. Conviva expects to see continued accelerated growth over the course of 2018 across both existing and new customers,” the company said in a news release.

In terms of devices used, Conviva’s data found that streaming OTT TV devices accounted for higher video consumption versus mobile devices and traditional computers. Roku had the highest content engagement levels followed by Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV, gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, and streaming devices such as Chromecast.

On mobile platforms, Conviva saw more than double consumption on iOS devices (7.45 hours/device) versus Android devices (3.22 hours/device).

Conviva’s findings come from viewer data from more than 180 countries connected to the internet. The company said it collects a continuous video measurement census of 57 percent of the United States internet population. – Fierce Cable