The analysts forecast global camera stabilizers market to grow at a CAGR of 11.15 percent during the period 2017-2021.

The camera stabilizers market report considers the unit shipments of smartphones, professional cameras, and cinema cameras along with their ASPs to calculate the revenue generated. It excludes the revenue generated from the sales of tripods or rigs. One of the major drivers for camera stabilizers market is Increase in availability of low-cost camera stabilizers. Camera stabilizers have become an important equipment in the videography and entertainment industry. They are used to obtain stable and high-quality footage. The global camera stabilizers market has several vendors that are constantly trying to achieve product differentiation while offering quality features to customers at low prices. A wide variety of camera stabilizers are available in the market at different prices depending on the features they possess.

The latest trend gaining momentum in the camera stabilizers market is Growth of online retail. E-commerce platforms have gained huge popularity over the years. Consumers are increasingly willing to shop online because of the rise in security levels. Fast delivery, easy return policies, and free shipping by some sites are some of the features that attract consumers to shop online. In addition, online retail stores offer consumers the convenience of having products delivered to their homes. Online retail has become one of the leading retail channels for camera stabilizer manufacturers to sell their products. The growing popularity of online shopping can be attributed to the rising consumer demands and increasing availability of different products.

Further, the camera stabilizers market report states that one of the major factors hindering the growth of this market is Availability of counterfeit products. Piracy poses a serious threat to the camera accessories industry. The availability of counterfeit products threatens the integrity of products developed by manufacturers. The use of counterfeits also presents significant health and safety risks for consumers. Therefore, electronic component manufacturers must try and develop new solutions to improve the integrity and stability of the electronics supply chain.

Another related report is Global Instant Cameras and Accessories Market 2017-2021 , the analysts forecast global instant cameras and accessories market will register a revenue of more than USD 1.8 billion by 2021. Key players are Fujifilm, Kodak, Lomography, and PLR IP Holdings, MiNT Camera, eica Camera. The instant cameras and accessories market report considers the revenue generated from consumer spending toward the purchase of instant cameras and accessories. It also presents the vendor landscape of the top four vendors in the market while listing down the other prominent vendors in the market.

Instant camera is a primitive technology that has come back to life only recently. The printing paper is at the bottom, and the image is reflected onto it through which the image is captured. Once the image is created, it is rolled out through the gears in the front. The unique factor about instant cameras is the use of printing paper. Before Polaroid, if a user wished to develop a film, he/she would need chemical ingredients and supplies. Polaroid attached these chemicals to the back of the printing paper because of which the reflected image could immediately be printed on the paper in the film compartment. – PR News Wire